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About Punchlist Pros

Who We Are

     Punchlist Pros is not your ordinary home remodeling company. What makes us different is our top-notch, timely, and personable service that exceeds our client's expectations on a daily basis.

     Let us take on your project — big or small. With Punchlist Pros we specialize in accomplishing those tedious "honey-do" checklists or take on a larger project or remodel.

     Learn more about our projects and services on the Services page or contact us for more information.

Benny Martinez

     Benny is the proud founder and operator of Punchlist Pros Inc. A master of carpentry and residential remodeling for the last 20+ years, Benny has the experience and qualifications to help you have the home of your dreams.

     Aside from his career at Punchlist Pros, Benny is the proud husband his wife of over 25 years and father to two grown children. In his spare time Benny enjoys being with his family and friends, experiencing music and writing his own songs, camping, and cooking.

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Benny Martinez




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